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Trade Ins

Trade In and Trade Up

Transform old into gold with our Trade-Ins Program.

We now accept for trade toward new or pre-owned Bobby Grace Putters:

  • Old & New Guns

  • Old Wood Shafted Golf Clubs

  • Old Masters Badges

  • Circa 1955 Ping Redwood City Putters


We have new ways of turning your extra clutter into a down payment for something new and improved. We are now accepting more than just used putters for trade-ins! Simply take a couple of clear pictures of your putter, gun, old Masters badges and circa 1955 Ping Redwood City Putters and email them to me at along with the name and specs of the new putter you want to purchase. I will send you instructions to complete the deal. It is as simple as that.

Before you know it, you’ll have one of our latest and greatest new models in your hands.

Geo Low 600.jpg
56 Hagen SW.jpg
Geo Low Sportsman 600.jpg
Penna WWT.jpg
Colt 45.jpg
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