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The art of putting is about controlling distance and direction. The science of putter design is about increasing your ability to master those two factors.

Our core philosophy is to put technology at your service to help you master distance and direction and stay ahead of the game. Sounds simple and yet no other putter designer is doing it.

Like generals who are fighting the last war, our competitors are creating putters for the grass of yesteryear. Bobby Grace Putters creates putters for the courses of today and tomorrow.


In decades past, grass was longer, grainier and required putters to deliver a lot of loft to roll the ball properly.

The Problems

There are two main reasons putts lose their line. One is unwanted backspin, which especially on breaking putts causes the ball to lose its consistent roll and ultimately its distance. The other is the dreaded miss of the sweet spot.


The Solutions

Using our computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs and computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines, we crafted prototypes that were put to the test on custom velvet roll boards and filmed with high-speed cameras.

A unique radial face

After 18 months of trial and error, we mastered the physics and geometry of a unique radial face with polymer grooves that meets the golf ball above its equator every time, producing immediate topspin and achieving true early roll.

One patented insert

Our R&D team of scientists and engineers simultaneously perfected an improved version of our patented multi-rebound (HSM or Hole Seeking Material) golf ball core insert. Dubbed HSM2, this incredibly “forgiving” insert actually returns a higher amount of energy when you miss the standard sweet spot, correcting distance loss when you make less than perfect contact and, in effect, increasing the sweet spot from a meager ½” to an incredible 1½” wide (see info-graphic)!


A Continuing History of Amazing Firsts

The first to use multi-density metals to increase MOI

In addition to materially improving the face of putters, Bobby Grace is the very first putter designer to incorporate multi-density metals to increase the MOI (Moment of Inertia) of mallet putters. The results are AMAZING! These high-tech beauties are 100% machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and feature strategically located high-density weights that widen the sweet spot to create straighter, more consistent distance on all your putts.

Bobby’s mallets have garnered major victories for Vijay Singh; Nick Price; Retief Goosen; Bart Bryant; J.L. Lewis; Joe Ozaki; Na Yeon Choi and Fred Funk and are still winning on the Tour today.

The first to incorporate removable multi-density head and back weights

Bobby is also the first putter designer to incorporate removable multi-density (tungsten and lead) head and back weights in his designs. This innovation was born of the necessity to do custom fitting on the spot for PGA Tour players. It provides the flexibility to adjust for various lengths and would accommodate a change from 35” to 33” should you change your putting style.

Simply put, if your putter does not have adjustable weights you won’t have a proper fit.

The creator of the patented Tri-Plane Sole, another Bobby Grace Putters first
















This revolutionary sole creates less drag due to the minimum amount of contact with the surface of the green and was specially designed to make mallet putters extremely effective when putting from the fringe or off the green. This design also allows the player to putt at various lie angles with no need to adjust the shaft.

The first PGA Tour event where this technology was deployed resulted in an amazing 66-64-weekend finish needing only 51 putts and the next week it was credited with the wire to wire win of a Major Championship.

A pioneer of back weighting back in the day!


USGA Rule 14-1b, which prohibits the anchoring of a club to the body, has led to a renewed interest in back weighting, but back weighting is nothing new at Bobby Grace Putters.

During his first years as a manufacturer in the early ‘90’s, Bobby tested back weighting on Tour with players such as J.L. Lewis, Fred Funk (winning him the TPC in Jacksonville), Jose Maria Olazabal and many others. It proved very effective in helping them tighten up their distance control and enhance feel on the greens.

The back weight raises the Moment of Inertia (MOI) due to the positioning of the increased weight past the hands in the last three inches of the grip. The design allows the golfer to play at a normal length, for example, 35”, even though the putter is 38”. The last three inches contains a 30-50 or 70 gram back weight, depending on the weight of the head, which is the key to stabilizing the putter.

We will add a custom back weight to any length mallet putter. Just select your length from the back weighted drop down menu.

Some of the advantages of the back weight  that you will notice right away are:

  • Consistent distance control

  • Smoother and slower back stroke

  • Elimination of vibration on metal faces

  • 4X more solid feel


The Future

Not content to rest on his laurels, Bobby stays ahead of the game by developing new approaches to design, testing new materials and incorporating the feedback of his extremely engaged fans.

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