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The GRAVITY BALANCED Fat Man is one of our latest additions to our line up.  This shaft connection creates a tremendously solid putter and has a no-bias toe hang so its easy to use.   See the video on or click on or copy and paste this link.   A rich hardcoat anodize with a bright white line looks fantastic.  The tri-plane sole allows putting from off the fringe as well as lie angles to vary up to 2 degrees either way.  4 adjustable sole weights makes it easy to fit at any length.  The T-Bar sightline is a very popular look and the center shaft has a bit of on-set which helps keep putts from being pulled.  350 gram headweight is stock and the radial face out rolls all lofted putters by far.  Stability Tour shaft is available in the dropdown section, removes torque which results in less 3 putts.  Order now and get in front of the line as this one will be a good seller.  Ships August 12th.
When ordering in our website store please do note that we accept all credit cards but prefer Visa/Mastercard due to cost.

Awesome NEW Fat Man GRAVITY BALANCED(Only 2 avaialble)

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