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Crossbow Stainless This Stainless radial face beauty is on a limited basis. The radial face produces such an instant roll that we have engraved the sole with "ULTRA HIGH RPM" (Also known as INSTANT ROLL). The proof is verified by the leading sports software known as Quintic. It measures the amount of overspin (RPM's) off the face. Designed with generous heel and toe slopes, it features adjustable weights and sight lines on the topline and back flange. The tri-plane sole creates very little drag, making putting on the fringe a breeze, and our famous HSM² radial face delivers an incomparable early roll. Dual sightlines on the top line and the back flange assures you that your hands are in the proper position.  Grip is our popular 1.5 Flat Top grip.  Now available for a limited time with a Stability Tour Black shaft (+$245.00) which removes virtually all the torque and improves dispersion on longer putts which results in fewer 3 putts.  Our putters are made to your specifications. Select your custom length (33"-36") using the drop-down menu. . Please note: Only the 13 gram weights in the putter are included. To make your putter heavier, order a Tour Putter Weight Kit, which includes a tool and get two 30 gram Tungsten weights.


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