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This amazing new Switch Hitter-CG is the only putter in the world with dual radial faces, each one featuring our super forgiving HSM² polymer insert* THAT IMPARTS IMMEDIATE OVERSPIN WITH NO SKIDDING.  This one has a custom Black Satin finish with fancy paint fill.

So many players have called me to tell me they have switched to the method that allows them putt one way from certain distances and then switch to the other side when the heat is on. This putter has cured many Amateurs and Pros alike.


Youtube video link (Just copy and paste to your browser)

This center-shafted right and left-handed miracle has plenty of weight (375gm+) and is super solid because the shaft is drilled directly into the center of gravity (the sweet spot of the design and the reason for the CG designation in the name). This not only creates the most energy possible, it is also conducive to your swing arc since it has no toe balance bias.  Stability Tour Black shafts are available for an additional $245, they take virtually all the torque out and results in less three putts.  Its the best putter shaft technology in the past 60 years.  
The newly designed sight lines will have you easily lining up your putts and rolling the ball like a Tour Player in no time.
When ordering in our website store please do note that we accept all credit cards but prefer Visa/Mastercard due to cost.


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