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The F-22 GC design with new graphics and the Ass Kicker Hosel design and seven adjustable weights and a moment of inertia of 11,000 (This highest of any mallet in the world by far).  This is a picture of the first prototype run of 25 which has a Black anodize and Lime paint in the sightline.  This fantastic Long putter can still be used without anchoring or in the Face On/Side Saddle method. The Lie angle is 80 degrees (The most legal upright allowed). This putter is so solid it is Amazing. You can order lengths up to 48". Longer than that the shipping charge goes quite high.  With an MOI of 11,000, The F-22 is just the forgiving putter you need. This Black and Lime beauty has a sweet spot so wide you can’t miss it and a radial face that rolls and feels better than anything else in the game. This model with the Ass Kicker shaft only comes with the Stability Tour Black shafts they take virtually all the torque out and results in less three putts. Its the best putter shaft technology in the past 60 years. A certain stroke saver during the round.  When ordering in our website store please do note that we accept all credit cards but prefer Visa/Mastercard due to cost. COMES WITH A CUSTOM EMBROIDERED HEADCOVER AND FREE SHIPPING INSIDE THE USA.


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